The Marketing Dept. Driver or passenger?

Brand repositioning, product repositioning, digital transformation are familiar themes within the marketing and business fraternity but maybe it’s time to look at repositioning marketing itself and its place in the organisation. For marketing to be taken seriously it needs to be core, a leader in driving the business forward and an investment NOT an essential support function or a necessary cost centre.

Being a central driving force and having an impact on the business is not just about measurement and ROI – it’s about action, commercial awareness, understanding the balance between strategy and tactics and measuring the right things, even if that is hard.

Marketers need to get their hands dirty, to really get under the skin of their consumers, understand the rhythm of the business and get close to customers and distributors to develop the right products, pricing strategy, channel and distribution model and appropriate communication to add value and be seen as commercially engaged.  All too often the emphasis and perception is that marketing is about communications and promotion.  Sure, these are important and driving short-term business is part of the gig. But it is also about pushing innovation, being a catalyst for change, championing your customers and creating long term value. This needs broad and consistent collaboration, cross-functional teamwork, deep understanding of the business you are in and, above all, empathy with your customer.

We work with organisations to develop and implement strategy, helping their leadership and marketing teams create sustainable growth and long term value.

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