Brand is the organisation’s DNA.

Brand.  That much talked-about subject which marketers so love to pontificate over. When brand is thought of as purely a marketing activity it is immediately put in a box – it’s seen as something intangible, mysterious and expensive to manage. It’s perceived to be about logos, websites and communication activity

Think of it another way.

Brand is reputation. Managing a strong brand starts at the top with the leadership team and how they set the agenda for the whole business. Reputation is built on stakeholder experience; customers, employees, suppliers, and it’s about behaviour – how the organisation operates, interacts, responds both internally within its structures and people and externally with its customers.

Reputation is owned by everyone in the organisation and is shaped by the real experiences customers and stakeholders receive at every interaction.  Marketing should be the internal guidance system that sets the direction and keeps the brand on track and, as such, will not be afraid to call out when things go astray.

A brand is not a label, it is the DNA of the organisation and in the hands of everyone at every level, they are all ambassadors – so it pays to keep everyone involved and engaged and for leaders to continually promote the narrative, demonstrate the values and ‘walk the talk.’


We work with organisations to develop and implement their strategy so that they leverage their brand to create sustainable growth and long term value.

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